Workshop Section

The Central Workshop of the Insititute is the Central facility which provides training to undergraduate students and also assists the undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars/students in the fabrication of their projects and experimental setups. It also provides help to the maintenance section of the University in its day-to-day working.
The set-up of the Central Workshop is divided into seven shops namely Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, Black Smithy Shop, Sheet Metal Shop and Welding Shop. Most of the shops of the central workshop are well equipped for training purposes according to new modern technology. The important machines and types of equipment are CNC Vertical Milling Centre(VMC), CNC Lathe, Capstan Lathe, different types of milling, rolling and grinding machines, and profile gas cutting machines. Argon gas welding plant, Oxy-acetylene gas welding plant(High Pressure), modern oil-fired boiler, universal woodworking machine, power plane, core hardness tester, pneumatic power hammer, hydraulic power hacksaw etc. Each shop has modern and sophisticated measuring tools mainly combination set, sine bar, dial test indicator, slip gauge, vernier gauge, micrometre etc.